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Diagnosing Speech Sound Disorders in Early Intervention with Amy Graham, M.A., CCC/SLP

July 12, 2021

Amy Graham, speech-language pathologist, joins Lacy in this episode to talk all about speech sound disorders.  Amy defines what a speech sound disorder is and what diagnoses fall under the SSD umbrella.  Amy and Lacy discuss how much spoken language a child should have before a speech sound disorder can be diagnosed.  Amy explains why diagnosing SSDs early is so important and what we can do as early intervention therapists to help children and their families know when the right time is for an SSD evaluation.  Amy shares tips for a thorough oral mechanism exam and SSD evaluation and offers resource suggestions to better understand, diagnose and treat speech sound disorders.  A great episode for parents who are concerned with their child's speech sound development and for professionals to assist and support families with their little talkers.  

You can reach out to Amy with questions and comments on her website: .

You can also access Amy's resources for download from her website: 

As well as her recommended resources for continuing education on SSDs:



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